Phonetic Annotated Practice

(Under Construction)

1st Paragraph, CHAPTER 1, Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen, The Project Gutenberg EBook

The family (/f'æmɪli/) of Dashwood had long (/l'ɒŋ/ /l'ɔːŋ/ US) been (/b'ɪn, b'iːn/) settled (/s'etəld/) in Sussex.   Their (/ðeəʳ/) estate (/ɪst'eɪt/)

was (/wəz/   /wɒz/ STRONG   /wʌz/ US) large (/l'ɑːʳdʒ/) , and (/ənd/   /ænd/ STRONG) their (/ðeəʳ/) residence (/r'ezɪdəns/) was at Norland Park, in the centre (/s'entəʳ/) of (/əv/   /ɒv/ STRONG   /ʌv/ US)

their (/ðeəʳ/) property (/pr'ɒpəʳti/), where (/ʰw'eəʳ/), for (/fəʳ/   /fɔːʳ/ STRONG) many (/m'eni/) generations (/dʒ'enər'eɪʃən/), they had lived in so

respectable (/rɪsp'ektəbəl/) a manner (/m'ænəʳ/) as (/əz/   /æz/ STRONG) to engage ( /ɪnɡ'eɪdʒ/) the general (/dʒ'enrəl/) good (/ɡ'ʊd/) opinion (/əp'ɪnjən/) of their (/ðeəʳ/)

surrounding (/səˈraʊndɪŋ/) acquaintance (/əkw'eɪntəns/). The late (/l'eɪt/) owner (/'oʊnəʳ/) of this estate (/ɪst'eɪt/) was (/wəz/   /wɒz/ STRONG   /wʌz/ US) a single (/s'ɪŋɡəl/)

man (/m'æn/), who (/h'uː/) lived (/l'ɪv/) to a very (/v'eri/) advanced (/ædv'ɑːnst, -v'ænst/) age (/'eɪdʒ/), and who (/h'uː/) for many (/m'eni/) years (/j'ɪəʳ/) of his

life (/l'aɪf/), had a constant (/k'ɒnstənt/) companion and housekeeper in his sister. But her
death, which happened ten years before his own, produced a great
alteration in his home; for to supply her loss, he invited and received
into his house the family of his nephew Mr. Henry Dashwood, the legal
inheritor of the Norland estate, and the person to whom he intended to
bequeath it.  In the society of his nephew and niece, and their
children, the old Gentleman's days were comfortably spent.  His
attachment to them all increased.  The constant attention of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Dashwood to his wishes, which proceeded not merely from
interest, but from goodness of heart, gave him every degree of solid
comfort which his age could receive; and the cheerfulness of the
children added a relish to his existence.